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If you know what's good for you...

Is the idea of בָּאשׁﬠרט [basherte] as an ideal a fleeting illusion?

Well, in a nutshell, yes, in that projecting one's fantastic expectations of an ideal mate into the world of one's friends and potential lovers is a non-starter, possibly asking for disappointment. That doesn't mean "don't go looking", though I certainly would be the last to accuse anyone of waiting for God to drop בָּאשׁﬠרט in his or her lap. And yes, our popular culture is rife with "wince" stories and lyrics (you wince if you buy into them, and if you don't) that really promote expectations as unrealistic as Barbie's waistline. A lot of "romantic" notions are pleasant fantasy, no more, and to overindulge them is a form of self-glorification, to be sure.

That said, I personally believe it's important to keep one's eyes open and one's heart hopeful. (Sound like erebrandir, do I? Good.) As for the dissenting viewpoint - that the sense of gratitude at discovering more than "mere" friendship1 or the superficial attraction, the wonderment in the quotidian is a gift in and of itself - why should it not be? The better to give thanks to God for miracles great and small.

Wlokay, there.
Please feel free to call me a troll as the less-than-kind call yahvah, or even a predestined bachelor as someone labeled barahirion! :-D

Six hours of sleep in three days - as jereeza wrote:
Let's see now!

Serves you right, for getting into Deep DebatesTM! -jereeza

54.76190476190476% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?


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Edit, 13:15 CST: Lo, I have become controversy, stealer of pie!
yahvah mentioned this entry, and it's sparked off a little tempest in a teapot. Hey, sharing is good. :-D
Just remember, Scott: it's about balance, in all stages of one's career, and if we should come severally to be blessed with mates and families. And don't give up, not so easily. Time to cue "Just Around The Riverbend" and trot out the "just a fool's hope" icons. ;-)

1 Meminder to elf: dknot froget to write about this. No rantsmanifestos, though.


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