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Elf Eye for the Orc Guy: Twinning reaches new heights

gondhir and I are getting deeper and deeper in the tendency to finish, or simultaneously paraphrase, each other's sentences.

During a game of HangDwarf (following a game of HangHobbit) on Saturday night:

[22:53:54] gondhir: Bana's turn
[22:53:58] banazir: Brandagamba
[22:54:02] gondhir: Yes!
[22:54:04] banazir: Tricksy
[22:54:07] banazir: Using Westron
[22:54:08] Demosthenes: woah - tricksy
[22:54:09] gondhir: Yay! Noly the trasky twins died!
[22:54:25] deire: whoo hoo!!!
[22:54:36] * gondhir should have known someone named *Banazir* would get that...
[22:54:38] banazir: You hafta fogure that AYE yam gonna get the Westron names fro Kudukan!
[22:54:42] banazir: AUUGH!
[22:54:46] gondhir: SUFFER ME!
[22:55:07] Demosthenes: suffer the little hobbitses to come unto me
[22:55:08] gondhir: Is it just me or have we been getting worse lately?
[22:55:11] banazir: lol
[22:55:14] banazir: Yes, indeady
[22:55:28] carida_46: worse? worse than wot?
[22:55:33] banazir: Worse at twinning
[22:55:33] gondhir: Than USUAL
[22:55:41] carida_46: we are USUAL?
[22:55:50] banazir: Ni, just Gond and me!

Scant minits later:

[22:57:20] deire: oh man. Queer Eye for the Orc Guy
[22:58:39] banazir: "That white hand doesn't go with your blotchy pod-born complexion, and alkali burns are SO last year... (tap, tap) now, a scarf would really accentuate your stringy Uruk hair..."
[22:58:58] deire: lol
[22:59:14] * banazir wonders whether he should be worried that he came up with that so quickly
[22:59:19] gondhir: "Oh. My. Morgoth. That rusty ring mail shirt? That is just SO last age. The latest fashions out of Lugburz would look SOOOOO much better on you!"
[22:59:27] banazir: lol
[22:59:29] gondhir: AAAAaaauuurgh!
[22:59:33] banazir: SUFFER ME!!!
[22:59:54] banazir: lolol
[23:00:00] banazir: roflol
[23:00:07] gondhir: SEE wot I mean, Gran?!?!
[23:00:18] * banazir can't... stop... laughing

It's uncanny!

I've gont to do sumfink aboat this afore istari_ala gets here!
Can nazone recommend a good conjoined twins surgeon?

Taken by carida_46 and lemminged by moi:

Which of Henry VIII's wives are you?

this quiz was made by the groovtastic ghouls at Spookbot

Fogures. Bha. :-P

On another note: I am thinking that, what with it being 2006 before Longhorn is out, it might be time to buy MSFT, seeing as a lot of late adopters are probably finally ready to cave. Opinions?

Edit, 02:45 CST Mon 12 Jan 2004: Will blogs elect the next American President?

On MSNBC, I am watching the political commentators talk about the blogs of Howard Dean, Wesley Clark, and George W. Bush. These are, as you can imagine, written and read by the campaign managers for these particular candidates, some of whom (e.g., Dean) only recently even heard of blogs, but get 50-200 replies per entry (hey, that's not so much! ;-)).

The remarks regarding bloggers? "They get mad... they are really anti-media... and they call each other trolls... a true blog is about how one spent one's morning, what one wore, and what happened on Friends" Oh, how en vogue! :-P

More positive comments: "Blogging gets at the most basic kind of grassroots political activism." Many handwritten letters from the Dean campaign were supposedly written at a blog meetup. (Was this an LJ one? It's the first I've heard of it.)

Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal - T.S. Eliot


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