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The Peeve Meme

This entry is backdated a few hours.

The Peeve Meme
16 Jan 2004 by banazir

Name your least favorite things from the category below, and briefly explain why:

1. Online affectation:
This would have to be randy IM stranger, though sadly, it is probably not an affectation in most cases, or they wouldn't be chatting up Samantha the Tweenage Jedi.
2. Abbreviation:
It's a toss-up between "ur" (your, you are) and "ppl". I know enough people who write "ppl" that it now grates less than "u/ur", which is usually repeated many, many times. Heads up, prospective graduate students: that is a surefire way into my delete bin.

3. Public display of affection (to inadvertently observe):
Actually, I am very tolerant of PDAs of all varieties, including pushdown automata and personal digital assistants.
As for the popular expansion of the acronym: bebe-talk, hand-holding, dashing around together, leaning, hugging, romantic pecks on the check, even the kind of mild kissing that makes one do a double take and move on with a smile, are cute.
Massive explicit displays of tongue in the doorway of some public building, however, fall under the rubric of "nobody actually needs to see that".
4. Person who needs an audition with Simon Cowell on World Idol:
Zemin Jiang. 'Nuff said.

5. Employee behavior (hypothetically speaking):
The kind of assiduous dependency that theory of education researchers call learned helplessness is my least favorite employee behavior. We used to talk about it all the time in the LEA/RN program that Iowa State organized for us here from 1998 through 2002. Learned helplessness would probably rank lower than #1 on Donald Trump's list, but then, he had 16 people chosen from over 200000 applicants for the position of The Apprentice.
6. Co-worker behavior:
Obstructionism is my least favorite behavior in peers. Cover-ups take superiors, but sheer bureaucratic trask can be perpetrated by one's equals. Like vretallin, I can sometimes manifest the "bull in a china shop" mentality. Let's just say there are some up-and-coming moos in cow-town of late. What say you, Aravindhan (if you are reading this)?

7. Driving behavior:
I'd have to say not letting people into your lane when they need to exit.
This is worse than cutting people off in my book.
There's a common office sign: "Your lack of planning and preparation does not make it my crisis."
Well, a counterpoint to that might be: "Your induction of my crisis does not necessarily indicate lack of planning and preparation on my part."
And so.
8. Backseat driver behavior:
Here, I have to cite my dear old dad, who always has to tell the driver that in a few miles (sometimes tens or even a hundred), an exit is coming up.


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