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Apple's Switch campaign has inspired a lot of hilarious parodies:

Some of these (and other Switch parodies) are indexed at Switchblog.

Had a fun, fun time with meeting the Forces of The Empire people tonight, and have subscribed to foejournals and the club itself. Thanks for the wonderful intro, darana, phawkwood, masteralida, and deire!

Edit, 02:45 CST 18 Jan 2004: And I'm still watching the original The Blue Lagoon! There's got to be some law about the indestructibility of movie fabric...

Edit, 03:00 CST 18 Jan 2004:
[02:54:45] *** Signoff: gondhir (Quit: Haha! Say goodbye to THIS, slow one!)
[02:56:42] *** Signoff: banazir (Meep! I'm orf!)
Bha, toast me!
Aye woz writing the above edit!
(Adn he signed oat of Fire at 02:57! Bha! Wait'll aye get yew fro this. >:-P)


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