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Still More American Idol 3, and Robo-Monkeys

Maaaaaaaaan, tonight was painful.
As deire, vretallin, and phawkwood noted, that is my own damn fault. Ow.

  • The unaudition (Marquise): "I'm neutral about it", "why not", "so what?"... we have a new apathy demigod, folks.

  • The Harvard grad student (Fookling Lee): Tori Amos meets a Nazgul. She apparently has instrumental talent... good for her. I wonder what compelled her to try auditioning for AI? Do people really do this just because they have family members with complementary talents?

  • Polyphonic burr girl: "I'm just nervous... please, give me another chance..."

  • Mallory: another bet! Another! Some people really have a talent for self-delusion and telling themselves what they want to hear. And it takes talent to mangle a Britney Spears song!

  • Sarah Silva: I thought she was pretty good; just a little forced, but that was a strong, clear voice.

  • Kiira Bivens: at least Kim Caldwell II knew the term "affected". "He said I was `effective'?" This one won't make it out of the first round. (phawkwood: "If only we had this much discussion during the presidental debates...")

  • Hong Kong dude is singing in Engrish!

Simon's insults are getting better:
"I wouldn't be surprised if you've just attracted every stray cat in Texas."
"I'd ban you from singing in the shower."

That montage featuring "I'm only happy when it rains" by Garbage - inspired.

Last night, my hometown; tonight, gondhir's. Shame. Shaaaaaaaaame.

xing1 nian2 quai4 le4!
Happy year of the Iron Monkey!
(Metal Monkey? Is that the new Optimus Prime?)


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