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Spoilage and Thwappage

Spoil Nice Books Author Wrote for You!
jereeza had this to say about book spoilers:

Been on the phone with Stavavali for almost three hours last night, and at some point we both bitched about the difficulty of explaining people why we (Okeata does this too) judge a book worth reading by its ending. As Stavavali said, (phrasing from memory):

When you go through (a book, film, etc.) without knowing the ending, you can only wait for things to happen. Only if you know the whole story can you really enjoy it.

To which gondhir and I rebutted:

gondhir: Yes, but you can only read it without knowing the ending once.

banazir: True, but I think jereeza means that even that one time has less utility than knowing the ending the first time.

My dad has the same philosophy - drives me and my mom nuts, though she and I are both spoiler-neutral in most contexts (my mom more so than me).

What I'm curious to know is whether you all actually "don't bother" to finish a book or film in a lot of cases. I do that from trailers (in fact, I'm quite discriminating, having watched less than 20% as many films as hempknight). My dad, OTOH, managed to avoid The Hobbit for over a decade (1986-1999) and The Lord of The Rings for a similar period of time (1995-2001) on the basis that their endings were boring.

So, my argument is: how can you invest in characters without knowing more than the gist of what they do? You have to have motivation and intent, and sometimes characterization beyond that, nesupasu? Otherwise we could all read the Cliffs' Notes of Scions of Shannara and The Belgariad (some might argue that we could anyway).

In related news: Please welcome jereeza's bane, hempknight, into the LJ fold and into my friends list. Another EUNCy person who friended me yesterday was figgylicious, narvi's friend whom we've heard so many good things about.

Shall we dance in honor of these new friends?
Let's see...

[21:48:15] masteralida: (dancing good :))
[21:48:15] darana: (DANCE Floor in here)
[21:48:25] banazir (dance dance revolution?)
[21:48:38] masteralida: (don't make me hit you, Banazir....)
[21:48:53] ldymlissa: (awww... go ahead induct him into the hall of thwaps)
[21:49:05] darana: (LOL)
[21:49:06] queenmidalah: (I thought she already had?)
[21:49:11] darana: ::thwaps banazir::
[21:49:13] masteralida: LOL
[21:49:21] darana: general principle.
[21:49:23] queenmidalah: Okay so darana did it for her... LOL!
[21:49:30] darana: :-D
[21:49:33] deire: "I christen thee Sir Banazir." [where's that icon, celandineb?]
[21:49:40] queenmidalah: LMAO!
[21:49:44] banazir: LOL
[21:49:56] ldymlissa: and he's officially inducted. welcome.
[21:50:02] banazir: Thank you!
[21:50:15] banazir: zhao4 fan3 yiu3 li3!
[21:50:26] banazir: (In revolt is right)
[21:50:37] banazir: gu2 ming4 wu2 zui4!
[21:50:43] darana: lol
[21:50:44] banazir: (Revolution is blameless)
[21:51:02] masteralida: (someone dance already! Before Banazir gets thwapped again)

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Accepted into the FoE fold... the circlemy life is now complete!

As Yowie says, the frist time is always special.
The first thwap is the deepest...


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