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A VIP Autobiography

My 7-year old cousin has just published her first oeuvre.
The Autobiography of Cynthia De-Ting Lee (3Mb, PDF)

  • Mom says [my dad and I] both like to brag, and she can’t stand it.
    BwahaHAHAHA. The curse of Lee women.
    My mom: Yeah, sometimes it skips a generation.
    Me: Hm, but Mom, I'm not a patrilineal descendant...
    My mom: Yeah, well, that's kinda what I meant.

  • San Gu is my dad's sister. I like her because she is funny, and most of the time she brings us toys when we see her.
    LOL! Something she left out:
    "San Gu has a son who is very crazy. We call him Silly Billy. Silly Billy never goes to sleep because he is a computer scientist like my daddy. He taught me to pray for chocolate."

  • I want to be a cashier because I might be able to make tons of money.
    ... and she can be a jail-crow too!

  • Another time, a boy named Cole (my friend) asked me "Will you marry me when we grow up?" And then I said "NNNNoooooo".
    Ayup, that's my cousin all right. Samantha Galbasi.

  • I do like some boys, like [Orlando] Bloom and Aaron Carter, but they don't know me.
    Oh, sweet Eru. I am shamed!


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