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Gimli & Éowyn cut from _The Return of The King_?

Some very unfortunate news... Harry Nowles at Ain't It Lawajawa Gnus has discovered that Jackson, Walsh, and Boyens have cut the Gimli-Éowyn love story from The Return of the King outright!

You can read the documentation here. There's only one thing for it. I have started a petition to have the subplot reinstated. Please read it and sign it! Pwetty lpease, with shwimp ice cream on top! There is still time, God willing.

In other news: yesterday I went from having three CD-R drives and a DVD-R/RW drive in my house, with zero of them working, to having one (on the newly-revived Númerrámar) in barely functioning condition. Merci a bon Dieu pour ces petits miracles. #-)


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