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Excellent Oprah Episode

Some of you may remember how I mentioned in a Forces of The Empire chat the other night that Oprah was watching some cadaver dissection on her show and remarking how fascinating it was to take apart a brain.

Well, it turns out that this episode was one of the Mind and Body ones, and really quite excellent. I especially liked the visualizations the guest did.

Dr. Mehmet Oz is one of the most respected surgeons in the world, as well as host of Second Opinion on the Discovery Health Channel.

Today, Dr. Oz brought a selection of real healthy and damaged organs to demonstrate what goes on inside the human body. If you overeat, smoke or drink too much, you may be surprised to see what you're doing to your body.

( Images )

I knew there was a reason I stay up until 0300 and 0400 and 0500! :-)


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