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Now and Then


This one was taken with the flash on, of curse:


This one was taken with the flash (and my glasses) orf:

Teuncy captions, jibes, derision, and assorted trask appreciated. :o)
I'll keep a running edit. :-)

Wow, you are all so nice.
You're going to give me-- *blam* ow, my head!

In the tradition of csn, here are some quotes to make me feel good:

  • 2004-02-01 [12:42] oikade: You look so cute/funny in the second picture! I'm still giggles. A jedi hobbit indeed!

  • 2004-02-01 [16:15] tamf: the moustache, glasses and the hairstyle look scarily similar to Meneldil's when he was in law school!
    for my own peace of mind, lpease stay as close to the "now" picture as possible! };8)

  • 2004-02-01 [16:54] FedoraLV: Dinnae worry, some lass will certainly take you

  • 2004-02-01 [16:55] mirabehn: Definitely liking the lack-of-moustache - and the lack of glasses too, methinks. :)

  • 2004-02-01 [17:51] jereeza: You look adorable in both photos. in the second [photo, you remind me] of Ray Romano. Which is cllo!

  • 2004-02-01 [19:51] mailea: You're much more hobbity in the 2nd photo!! I like it much better!! Cute!

  • 2004-02-01 [21:44] barahirion: i is agreen wit the general consensus. better w/o the stash and glasses.
    2004-02-01 [21:45] barahirion: though no doubt you're a babe magnet either wayz. ;)
    [Yeah, right!]

  • 2004-02-01 [23:54] queenmidalah: I think you look nice both ways, but I do perfer the no-stache look. ;)

  • 2004-02-01 [00:45] masteralida: I love the surprised look as the hobbit rediscovers his upper lip (Wow! That was there all this time?).

  • 2004-02-11 [21:26] deire: You look so cute without the moustache....


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