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Grad Councils and Lightsabre Ditties

Today we had the first KSU Grad Council meeting of the semester.
These are only like Jedi Councils in that there is a bit of old-fashioned wielding of Robert's Rules and a little more bureaucracy (though there are also some mavericks, yours truly being no exception ;-)). 1

Oh, and also the Dean of the Graduate School looks like Ki-Adi Mundi.
No, rilly!

The main thing you might be interested in (especially f00dave and shanmonster) is that the honor code that was adopted in 1998 for undergraduates is going to go into effect for graduate students as well. Enfin! Atalast!
Not a moment too soon, either - we've had more reported violations in the last semester in the Graduate College than in all semesters since the honor code went into effect. There was also this incident last fall. Hurgh!

Oh, by the way: Any prospective plagiarists at my university who are reading this... I'd like you to know that TAs talk. Capisci?

Speaking of Jedi: My site Lightsaber Resources is suffering from considerable link rot (having been kept up-to-date for only about half a year after its debut on 14 May 1999) and is in need of an overhaul. Here are the 10 songs that I salvaged from the depths, though:

I'd like to take a straw poll - which of the following titles do you prefer for the song parody section?

  • Jocasta Nu's Boogiechron

  • Dance Dance Rebellion

  • Tatooine Idol

Other suggestions are welcome.

1 Some day, I will get to say "see through you, we can" in a Ph.D. oral exam. My own counsel will I keep on who is to be trained! Hrm, somebuddy lpease stop me from channelling Adan anymory...


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