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So many welcomes

I have two bits of rather happy news to share.

First, let me give a hearty welcome and warm gteerings to the eleven wonderful people who added me to their LJ friends list this weenk:

  • 06 Feb 2004 - 1: the fun baranoouji (a mutual friend of andrewwyld and an AI tronkie)

  • 05 Feb 2004 - 1: wiliqueen (a friend of deire who is almost too cool for words)

  • 03 Feb 2004 - 2: my fellow FoE gnubie aricadavidson, and the First Canuck of teunc, dragnflye

  • 31 Jan 2004 - 1: a slacker if I ever saw one, the brilliant scottharmon

  • 30 Jan 2004 - 3: Wife-of-3p cavlec the Yarinareth, queenmidalah of Nebulah (another friend from FoE), the one and only weetanya who is Wee of TORn (what praise can I say more?)

  • 29 Jan 2004 - 1: oxbastetxo (yet another friend from FoE)

  • 26 Jan 2004 - 1: tamf the vert famos Lellow Dwagin of teunc and xgrmpflmprxyzz

  • 25 Jan 2004 - 2: mistressviper who is laso slara, the president of the FoE RP club

Second, I am overteunced with joy that darana and phawkwood have joined TEUNC (teunc) as well. Along with deire (and yours truly, as of a few weeks ago), that makes four Forces of the Empire (FoE) (foejournals) people in the Hegemony of Balrog Cuttings. W00t!

Interesting info about LJ servers:
I would not have known this had LJ not had some "Read-Only Mode" downtime tonight:

  • banazir is on the Green Cluster.

  • bayesnets is on the Green Cluster.

  • grantwriting is on the Porkchop Cluster, subcluster 4.

  • teunc is on the Porkchop Cluster, subcluster 8.



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