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Moms and MOMs

A very happy birthday to teunc's MOM, the one and only Laurie Forbes!

Yesterday, I picked my mom up from the local airport shuttle stop (the Holiday Inn dome), as she returned from a 6-week trip to Taipei.

A few details about my mom's trip, for those who are interested:

I think I mentioned some of this to certain of you (MOM, sui_degeneris, Yoj, LV), but here's an update on my grandmother's condition:

  • As some of you in teunc know, my mom's mother had a transient ischemic attack (TIA) on 03 Jan 2004 that had her children taking her to the ER. The attack lasted less than 20 minutes and caused no permanent damage (the differentiating characteristic between a TIA and stroke).

  • After the ER visit and an annual checkup, my grandmother has been diagnosed with what appears to be a shortage of blood flow to her hippocampus. Symptoms include minor loss of long-term memory (LTM) from the onset of ischemia about 2 years ago and episodes of mild dementia (e.g., misremembering that she went out to lunch a week before when she hadn't). Her short-term memory (STM) seems to be mildly degraded, but in a way that is consistent with the tentative diagnosis, according to her neurologist.
  • My grandmother is already on anti-hypertensives and Lipitor for high cholesterol, but the blockage is severe enough. Previously, she was suspected of having early-stage Alzheimer's, so I was looking into cholinesterase inhibitors such as donepezil (Aricept). Now she's been declared eligible for an experimental drug study for her condition. The requirements are that one cannot have had a stroke and must be exhibiting mild symptoms only to date.

Prayers and well-wishes for my grandmother are much appreciated.
Thanks to MOM for inquiring about her when we spoke!

To be brief, if I thought my mom was running a caravan going to Taiwan (with the tons of clothes she made me try on and review as gifts), she surprised me coming back. She had everything from ma3 ji2 (glutinous rice balls 1 filled with sweet bean paste1, peanut butter, sesame paste, and sometimes dried pork2) to sweater vests4 to essential oils5. The Silk Jetstream is now in operation, ppl.

1 This definition is provided for crypthanatopsis's benefit; I'll look up the words later if you wish, Nathan.
2 This is my favorite dessert in the whole wide world. If you want to know what will make me hug you as twinbee does when you give him Darjeeling tea, this is it. Though I must say that CHOKLIT chip academia nuts come rilly. rilly close.
3 I tried a tiny nibble of one of these. Not surprisingly, I didn't like it.
4 Where's my ornamental waistcoat, traskit? >:o/ :-P
5 Yes, my aunt Camille is on another of her alternative medicine adventures. It's a learning experience, even if Dr. Stephen Barrett at QuackWatch would prolly put her on a "known duck-feeders" list. (FYI, as a scientist, I have mixed opinions about both sides of the issue, but as a newphew, it's rilly fun to watch!)


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