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OK, that's a lot of bibles

As I was telling scionofgrace in my rant-laden thread on the vagaries and occasional nonsense of academic economics:

If you look at the Red Hat Linux Bible, there was one for 7.0 (13 Dec 2000), 7.1 (May 2001), 7.2 (15 Nov 2001), 7.3 (21 Jun 2002), 8 (17 Oct 2002), and 9 (May 2003). That's 6 editions in 2.5 years! If the Christian Bible had been published that way, Moses would have been running out of Dead Sea Scrolls by the time he was halfway through Leviticus 8.2 and Teach Yourself Numbers in 40 Years.

P.S. : A lot of my friends seem to be having rough days - tiring, or just downright bad. I've certainly had a trask of a day myself, and am headed to bed now.
You all take care; CHOKLIT and sparklies to those who need it, lutefizz to those who dknot. Gnught!


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