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Lord of The Teunce and thanks, shmeepster!

shmeepster, I got your card!
Thanks so much!

That reminds me: Anyone interested in getting a teuncy e-gteering from Banazir in the near fututre and a very teuncy video1 (on CD) from me in the further fututre - please reply here, in teunc (friends-locked), or by private e-maul with your contact info (snail mail if you'd like).

Teuncy greetings to all (whether you observe V--------'s day, Singles Awareness Day, the Day After Friday 13th, Rose-Brunning Day, or wotever)!

Seen in quizilla: oh, quelle surprise.
I was amuzzled by the result that calls Bilbo the "pimp daddy of all hobbits", though I'm not sure what the elven panties have to do with it. Apparently the Red Book was a little lax on reporting in some places. *nirglive*

You are A SEX MACHINE!!! Oh man, Googly Uberly
Sexy! You are Samwise the GREAT! You like
following Frodo around and are mightly loyal to
your friends, as well as being manly as hell.

Which sexy hobbit in the Lord of the Rings movies are YOU!
brought to you by Quizilla

1 A preview: The Lord of The Teunce: The Movie, which I have only just finished the script for, features Rohirrim, Luke Skywalker at his most hobbit-like, Samwise Gamgee at his most Jedi-like, and Chipmunk Aragorn.


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