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When shall we three meet again?

gondhir and phawkwood:
When would you like to meet to discuss the installation of PennMUSH on Finarfin/GECKIES?

Thanks a million to jereeza for helping us by creating geckies_blog and to masteralida and phawkwood for their help in getting it subscribed to by geckies. Let's get this bitch ta Mount Doom!

ObSideSnark: May I just say that I am, like, psychic, dude?

All in all, one of the better Friday the 13ths on record. I'm not usually superstitious, but I do remember that they are usually very mundane and boring for me. Today's was wall-to-wall excitement (and all good except for the snarque et contresnarque, even the part where I was encouraged to hold on to a grant proposal).


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