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A slow return to life...

... gradually, and very conservatively, I've started reinstalling software on Númerrámar, recovering from a fatal hard drive crash that was mitigated only by its rarely-used Linux partition remaining intact (yay!). I complained on Mon 24 Mar 2003 that the HDD hadn't arrived yet, but it showed up two days later... fresh from Sichuan Province, China. Made in Thailand, shipped from Sichuan... wot is this, a new geocaching ad series fro IBM ThinkPads?

I've also had numerous e-maul trask incidents today, including:

  • Fingolfin (my main IMAP/SMTP server) not sending mails from Elm due to installation of sendmail v8.12 and breakage of the -Am option - fixed by recompiling Elm, trask them!

  • A file locking problem in Elm due to sendmail being recompiled on Fingolfin to fix the above problem - fixed by means of another Elm recompile

  • Ringil (my backup SMTP server) rejecting forwarding - fixed by switching to Fingolfin

  • Yeehaa Gropes rejecting mail from Nienna (my heeadless SGI Origin 200, which doubles as a space heater and web server-to-be) - knot entirely fixed acos Nienna isn't receiving Yahoototep's "verification" e-mauls

Don'tcha lurve it when computer (espeshully mail) problems lal hit within 48 huors? I was knot entirely kidding abont that Banazirian Yeehad.

("thou shalt knot make an e-maul server in the liekness of a Balrog")

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