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Speaker for The Living

This has been an interesting week.
I've been called upon by many people in teunc to give "readings" on their several personalities and life situation. Apparently I'm seen as an astute judge of character, which is news indeed to me.1 Even more suprisingly to me, the same thing has happened in a couple of other groups, including my KDD lab. In all groups, some who haven't actually sought it have really needed it. I suppose we all need someone to tell us who we are sometimes. I only hope that my remarks are of some use.

This really is odd, as I remember thinking when I read Orson Scott Card's Speaker For The Dead that I didn't really have that gift. I still think it's because I hang around with TEUNCs more online than some people hang out in person, but well, my mileage may vary. Who mourns for Ender Wiccan?

Happy St. Valentine's Day to those who are blessed with someone with whom to share it! (And happy Singles' Awareness Day to everybuddy else. :o))
In any case, have a look at something sparkly from masteralida.

1 I should add that I really don't think I quite qualify as a Speaker, because I am mediocre at sensing when someone is going to do something - for lack of a better world - appalling. OTOH, perhaps it's more that I see it coming, but hold back out of wishful thinking? In any case, Speakers almost never tell you what you want to hear, but they almost always tell you what you need to hear.


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