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Thai-Bo and computer problems

Happy 62nd birthday to my mom: You know you're under the influence (well, of something) when you give a birthday toast and wish you had a stein.

My grandmother insisted on treating my mom to dinner, but as I documented elsewhither, I'm buried under a traskload of work ATM, so my dad and his mom went to Royal Thai Cuisine and picked up:

  • Red curry - normal heat

  • Paad Zee-U (wide, flat rice noodles, much wider than fettucine) with pork - no chili

  • Shrimp fried rice

Now, here's a question...
Yowie, perhaps you can answer this (if it isn't an Americanism):
Why is it that, when you ask Thai restaurants for hot pepper on the side, they give you minced garlic in oil along with chopped chili peppers?
Wot wot?

Computer problems: Every electronic trask and its brother have been visited upon me this week. Both Vingilot and Numerramar are now developing intermittently bad LCD panels, and I had a close scare with Tulkas, whose monitor color is still off because of bad leads in the irreplaceable power cable. If there are two things I do hate about computers, they are: intermittent (and hence hard-to-reproduce) problems and parts that are "attached" to displays and peripherals, so that you are up Poo River without a paddle if a little $5 bit breaks after it's out of warranty.

Welcome to 7 new friends who added me in the last week:

19 Feb 2004 1: gweneth_syeira
17 Feb 2004 1: vajrahridaya
16 Feb 2004 1: tatykey
15 Feb 2004 2: havocthecat, praxes
14 Feb 2004 1: chriszhong
13 Feb 2004 1: hermes_imagod

Please feel free to reply here and introduce yourselves!


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