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Pep et Mon Droit

The timing of my perkiness is not adroit.

Ain't it the truth.
I slept almost an entire 8 hours the night before last, and felt so sleep-bloated that I slept for just 2 hours this morning, and that at masteralida's insistence. (Thanks!)

I once referred to Poltergeist: The Legacy (which aired at 02:00 when I was a grad student) as a daytime drama. I did have mid-afternoonafter-midnight snacks then.

Speaking of pep, I spoke briefly this afternoon with Megan, one of the teuncy SCTD students whom I photographed en blurrant last November in the lobby of Nichols (she's the one in the light magenta blouse with frilly sleeves). "We try to keep it down now," she said mutedly, remembering the office assistant who came out to trask them. "Well, it doesn't bother me," I smiled, "but then, my office is far in the interior of the department, and I'm not in it all that much. You're right to keep it a little quiet. We computer scientists are a little represssed." Megan concurred about IT people in general, citing her dad, a computer software salesman.

Actually, I have to say, not all IT people are repressed.
I trust I do not have to trot out the Ballmer monkey teunce?


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