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Maypix and interstellar geocaching...

I found a new art site titled Pallol's World that is dedicated to the works of Julian May, including:

The Saga of Pliocene Exile


The Galactic Milieu Trilogy

A Pliocene Companion

My favorite Pliocene Exile picture is a computer-generated image (CGI) of the rhocraft that Richard Voorhees, Claude Majewski, and Madame Guderian used to attack Finiah. This simple but effective still rendering by Bob Powell captures the flyer hovering in a hazy September dawn, backlit by the sun of Elder Earth, its open hatch delivering a blast from the Spear of Lugonn.

Similarly, my favorite Galactic Milieu picture is the CG rendering of The Big Cheese, the airplant harvester that Diamond flew (once) on Caledonia. This lively illustration by Mischa Welsh shows Dorothea's aerostat flitter in mid-dive, surrounded by luibheannach an adhair (airplants).

You were wondering about the title of this psot? Well, I bet Julian May and Dan Simmons (rightly famed for the Hyperion and Endymion tetrad) would have a lot of interesting ideas about geocaching (think of it as a scavenger hunt a la The Amazing Race or the Travel Channel) if d-jumping/freecasting were involved. #-)

Do eople still say "tesser" these days?


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