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Sex and The Single Tronkie

phawkwood: you gonna give a talk at that one too?
banazir: As if I'm qualified?

Illustration by Michael Sloan, for MSN Slate

Last year, the K-State Cultural Studies Symposium was on cognition in literature and was titled Brain Power: Intelligence, Emotion, Cultural Fantasy. I was invited to submit an abstract about perspectives on intelligent systems, and ended up preparing and giving a 10-minute talk on online collaboration.

This year, the topic is Sex and the Body Politic.

On 30 Sep 2003, I was contacted by one of the organizers for my review of Nancy Kress's keynote talk last year. "Oh, BTW, you probably wouldn't be interested...". Hrmphl! English professors!

Well, prolly just aswell. ;-)
"No sex, please; we're computer scientists."

banazir: So I have to conclude they only wanted me for my AI. :-)
phawkwood: rotflol
banazir: I feel so used...
phawkwood: isn't that always the way?
banazir: Well, if they're gonna be that way, I'm gonna organize my own symposium.
phawkwood: there ya go; see, I'd come to that.


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