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Today is the one-year anniversary of my LiveJournal.

I thought it'd be a good day to start a DeadJournal too. :-)
Anyone have a code?

Here are some highlights in the history of my LJ (interspersed with a few events in my life):

  • February, 2003: came to LJ after angelislington showed mirabehn my Tolkien filk page
    Key events: Arrival in LJ-land (27th)
    Highlights: Lost in Translation (28th)

  • March, 2003: banazir becomes the Mouth of LJ
    Key events: attended a KSU symposium (6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th); welcomed istari_ala to LJ (21st)
    Highlights: Waxing wroth at spam (16th) and notstalgic at plotical speeches (18th); fooling teunc (30th)

  • April, 2003: the commencement of the US-Iraq war and the height of the SARS scare
    Key events: my student (Julie Thornton) getting an NSF Grad Fellowship (4th)
    Highlights: a moratorium on drinking Sars (11th); trasking FOX for cancelling Firefly (16th)

  • May, 2003: traveled to Washington, DC for an NSF panel
    Key events: mooted the Count (19th) and two other teuncs, "Lurking" Laurie Campos and sui_degeneris (20th)
    Highlights: Bana writes his first quiz (3rd, 4th, 5th), joins the Grad Council (6th), sees no movies (13th)

  • June, 2003: CIS 690 (Data Mining Systems) and NSF Bioinformatics REU 2003 preparations
    Key events: request for koinonia (5th); information theory and AI (10th); NSF REU begins (26th, 26th)
    Highlights: no Inuit here, no sir (1st); sex discussed in a roundabout fashion (12th)

  • July, 2003: Werk werk werk!!
    Key events: worst day of my year to date (1th); welcome to sui_degeneris (13th); grantwriting blues (21st)
    Highlights: traskiversary (4th); cornflakes and cold showers (13th); House of Rice wrap-up (29th)

  • August, 2003: time flies when you're in Mexico
    Key events: went to UAI and IJCAI in Acapulco (6th - 16th; travellogue still in progress); registered Trillian Pro (24th)
    Highlights: new Tolkien filk, U.R.U.K. (17th); teunc falls for weeblandbob (26th)

  • September, 2003: it's a pity it's a busy month, but then again, which aren't?
    Key events: passing of John Ritter, Johnny Cash (13th); grantwriting continues with NSF REU, Targeted Excellence (22nd)
    Highlights: andrewwyld's simultenaity (9th); reflections on 9-11 (11th); reveling in 69% masculinity (16th)

  • October, 2003: The Jedi Hobbit's New Phone (Sprint Vision PCS with digital camera, VGA-1000)
    Key events: turned 30 (1st); was visited by darana and phawkwood (3rd); took too many phone pics (18th, 20th, 22nd)
    Highlights: Nerdanelism examined (7th), Banazir's first digipics of himself (17th), tronkie conference (31st)

  • November, 2003: while I was driving up to Ames, I met a man with Seven Names
    Key events: trip to Ames, IA (log indexed on 3rd); GECKIES, RoboSim set up by scottharmon and hermes_imagod (6th)
    Highlights: Sarah Mac on CNBC (4th)

  • December, 2003: driven to excellence
    Key events: second trip to Ames, IA (3rd, 4th, 5th); Christian retreat in Kansas City, MO (24th, 25th, 26th)
    Highlights: Santagra spam (10th); virtuosity thread #1 (11th); SF books thread (16th); discussion with anglachel1 (23rd)

  • January, 2004: another month, another grant proposal (NSF IDM)
    Key events: barahirion Factor thread (13th); joined FoE (17th); deire's interview (28th)
    Highlights: massive soulmates thread (9th), twinning with gondhir (11th), grade-skipping thread (29th)

A long day; a very long day.
I ran all over campus picking up and dropping off transmittal forms for one federal grant proposal due Mon 01 Mar 2004, and talking to people about bits of another that is going out Thu 04 Mar 2004. I also finished up a letter of support for a state grant proposal.

I've been sleeping an unnaturally large number of hours!

  • Tue-Wed: 01:45 - 09:50

  • Wed-Thu: 02:15 - 08:40

  • Thu-Fri: 02:15 - 08:40

That's three days in a row of over 6 hours!

Edit, 03:30 CST Sat 29 Feb 2003: That's better. :-)
Mucho quizzage (Firefly, colors, non sequiturs, and rules)


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