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Sadistically Sichuanese: Hot and Spicy Cooking

Today, my mom made hot noodles (la1 mien4).
My tongue is still burning from lunch.
I actually started eating medium salsa (Casa Mamita from Aldi) to cool down, and even gave in and took a swig of orange juice.

That's saying quite a lot, as I can easily tolerate green serranos and "upward pointing" chilis (chao2 tien1 jiao1), even habaneros if cooked.

This was a triple threat:

  • red piquin peppers

  • "hot oil" (la4 yiu2, made by steeping crushed red pepper in boiling vegetable (corn or canola) oil; don't do it without very good ventilation)

  • minced garlic as a delivery vehicle

Well, my mom's from Sichuan province, so I should be phenotypically about half-Sichuanese (whatever that means in the way of tolerance for spicy food). By previous demonstration, I can handle pretty hot struff. But something tells me I got a few too many of the pepper slivers. I'll just have to have more at dinner to acclimate. :-)

By a show of hands, who here can take the heat?
Let's kick it up a notch!


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