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Well-deserved congrats...

... to Julie Thornton, a K-State KDD Lab student and one of the developers of Bayesian Networks in Java (BNJ), on being named a 2003 Graduate Fellow by the National Science Foundation (NSF)!

Wot is the deal with Turkish Delight?
Someone treated our department to a nice big box of Ziyad Brothers Sultan brand Trukish Delught and I'm knot exacterly sure wot Edmund sold his loyalties fro. #-)
I mean, it was sweet and gelatinous, but... ?
I have it on goond authority that wreally goond TD is CHOKLIT-couvert and filled with some other tyope of filling. This struff was pinkish, flavored with rosewater, and couvert with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Aslo, you know you're in a CS department (or dealing with hobbits, or Calormenes) when a strange white box with Arabic writing on it sits opened in the front office and non-Arabic-reading eople dknot hesitate to chompglup the contents. :-)

One more thing: When yew dknot have Grokster on a system, Launch is not a bad substitute. Chect it owoot!


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