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How-To: help me, somebody please help me!

The FoE Fly on The Wall needs your help.
Lots of technical issues have piled up, and it's feeding alla our post-leapday blues here in KDD.

Does anyone know how to:

  • Make a (red, blue, green) colored version of the Refried Paper style? I haven't tried the S2 style refriedpaper.
    idigital: It can be done using overrides as described here.

  • Set up an IRCd server (bIRCd or IRCu) under Linux, which supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections? I would ideally like something that requires neither stunnel and port mappings nor client-side DLLs cf. StunTour, but I hear that doing this on the server side requires a commercial IRC server, as there is currently no freely-available one with the functionality we need. Anyone know what (TORn) uses?
    narvi: TheOneRing.Net is currently using Unreal3.2-RC1.

  • Configure a Samba-based network print server under Red Hat Linux, to serve WinXP and MacOS 8.6-10.x?

  • Set up a real-time black hole-based spam filter using procmail? My students set me up with trainable spam filters, but I haven't had time to muck around with collecting the positive training examples.

Many thanks in advance!


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