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convert_me and the Jedi?

"Next life, I'm going to be a Jedi!"

I wrote this on 01 Mar 2004, but am just now jumping the bandwagon that darana and masteralida started rolling a few days ago.

There is no emotion; there is peace.
there is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
there is no passion;there is serenity.
there is no death;there is the Force.

-The Jedi Creed1

I don't think the Jedi Creed is a total abnegation of emotion, rather an abnegation of self and material attachments as well as personal ones. This evokes the Tibetan Buddhist teaching that the material world is illusory (though obviously the Jedi belief system is not Buddhist, more panentheistic2).

In other news: Ahh, the proposal is out, and I'm as mellow as mellow can be... at least until the next burning crisis.

Edit, 14:00 CST Tue 09 Mar 2004: An actual thread I started in convert_me has started to bear fruit. I never expected "aggressive negotiations over Iraq" to be one of the firstfruits, but oh, well. The best laid plans of Men and Hobbits...

1 You (and Mr. Spock) may be interested to know that there is no emotion; there is space.
2 The distinction between pantheism (Eä == Eru, i.e., the Universe is God) and panentheism (i.e., God is the Cosmic All-in-All that subsumes and pervades the Universe, surrounding and binding all its members) is very important to the Jedi.

Six people added me in LJ in the past week.
Would any of you listed below please post and introduce yourselves?

04 Mar 2004: megpie71, yodge (yay!)
03 Mar 2004: journals_r_gay
25 Feb 2004: haggard37
22 Feb 2004: enochmazdah
21 Feb 2004: mythrocks


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