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Star Trek musings with miajesbar

"Half of The Next Generation is Riker inadvertently instituting social reform while trying to score."

Here's proof that I do my best thinking between 02:00 and 04:00.
miajesbar and I started musing over Star Trek Enterprise, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, and The Next Generation1 topics the other night - namely:

Session Start: Sat Feb 28 02:23:59 2004

  • "Azati Prime", the latest episode of Enterprise: I haven't seen this one yet. Edit, 14:15 CST Tue 09 Feb 2004: miajesbar is going to send me her tape. (Thanks!) By all accounts, the production value and cinematography are fantastic. misjesbar also opines that it makes up for most of the shoddy plots that Enterprise has suffered from every other episode, especially in the second season.

  • The S2 finale, "The Expanse"

  • How Enterprise got so bad in Season 2 that I couldn't watch any more.
    Good episodes, IMO:

    • "Shockwave, Part II" - an engaging plot, a nice cliffhanger resolution, but just a little blah at the end

    • "Regeneration" - What can I say? I'm a sucker for Borg eps, even if they clash with previous canon a bit.

    Bad episodes, IMO:

    • "Carbon Creek" - Ugh, but this was clumsy! I don't like most of the 20th century flashback and time travel eps, and this was no exception. The only time travel episode I really liked for more than camp (cf. the Voyager episode "Future's End") was the original series episode "City on The Edge of Forever", based very loosely on the Harlan Ellison story.

    • "Stigma" - Mind meld-as-rape (with the new-and-improved, logic-free Vulcans) was a bad enough extrapolation from the ST6:TUC film; now they have to trot out meld-aftereffects-as-AIDS and trask canon with a minority of Vulcans even being capable of melding? Look, I'm all for thought-provoking social controversy episodes, but this one was so contrived it wasn't even funny.

    • "The Crossing" - I preferred the ghost ep of TNG.

    Neutral episodes, IMO:

    • "Dead Stop" - Here's one of those episodes that could have been really interesting, but instead turned into the up-and-coming young-officer-in-a-cocooon. This got old with Chekhov!

    • "A Night in Sickbay" - It was all right, just a little boring.

    • "The Communicator" - Not only is this a rehash of the pre-warp civilization episode; the other one was better.

  • Some episodes we agreed were really good fun, such as:

  • Some poignant episodes with good plots such as the Voyager eps:

  • Highly redundant themes such as the Voyager "void" motif in:

  • TNG "social reform" episodes such as:

  • Great psychological thriller episodes such as:

  • Worthwhile, triumphal epics such as:

Session Close: Sat Feb 28 03:27:57 2004

Any episodes you'd like to recommend, especially of TOS?2

1 Why not TOS? miajesbar hasn't seen much of it even in syndication. You all feel old yet? ;-)
2 Yes, I realize I have left out {Lwaxana Troi | Deanna Troi | Wesley Crusher | your favorite character}, or your favorite theme such as {Hoshi in workout clothing | Chakotay/Janeway shipperdom | Jake Sisko's coming of age | Data's quest for humanity}. That's why I'm asking for your recommendations!</code>


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