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The Remedy

Following up on last week's Graduate Council meeting:

  • Graduate student stipends: What is a reasonable amount to live on in the USA these days? I'm curious, as NSF has hiked annual stpiends for Graduate Fellows from below $15K a year to nearly twice that in just the last 4 years.

  • Applications fees: How do you all feel about these? Some Chinese students report that even $25 is prohibitive, but I remember shelling out $35-60 apiece for 7 universities (Berkeley, Brown, CMU, Illinois, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Stanford) that I applied to in 1993.

In other news: The Chinese hobbit eating is unstoppable!

My mom's sister and brother-in-law are visiting from Rochester, NY.
This is while my dad's mother is here, so there are six people in my house ATM.

So much food! It's crazy.

Oil strips (yiu2 tiao2), baked dough (shao1 bing3), soy milk (dou4 jiang1), red date cake, egg custard (dan4 ta3)...
And that's after two dinners including three courses of pork dumplings, tofu in soy sauce and cilantro, chili-fried vinegar-cured cabbage, egg custard, and fruit!

Yesterday I took them out to the Konza Prairie, though the uncanny speed of eating continued apace, as it has through today. After the incredible two-dessert lunches at Ristorante Marco Polo (tiramisu and an amaretto coupe, which they made me finish) and Royal Thai Cuisine (warm, sweet sticky rice with mango and ice cream, laso with sticky rice), I can't believe I've only gained 3 pounds. :-)


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