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Multitrask and The Blinking Game

OK, so I "discovered", with help from the ever-lucid sui_degeneris, that I am not nearly as good at multi-tasking as I make out. I can "spin the plates" and keep a lot in the air, but eventually it catches up with me and IMs degenerate into the mantra:

brb k bk wb ty

The Blinking Game: Ever experience the situation where there's this inertia that prevents phone calls and meetings from concluding on time? I call it the blinking game because it sometimes results in a staring contest unpunctuated by any break in the silence; other times it come down to "no, you hang up" wherein the phrase, "Sooo... how about [X]" is trotted out way too much.

Edit, 21:15 CST 13 Mar 2004 - I said it in an e-card, but forgot to say it here until masteralida reminded me:
Happy Birthday, darana!


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