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LJ ancestry meme from jereeza

Happy Birthday, jereeza!
teunc has such talented artists.

  • jereeza, who can paint just... everything well

  • istari_ala with her awesome web struff

  • deire (who's helped me with a few things and whom I know has won minor awards for things, but most of whose work - vert cllo by accounts - I have yet to see)

  • The CG wizards:

  • The vid lords:

  • The 'toonists:

    • Bagronk the Happy Orc

    • Pradera

    • Count Menelvagor

And then there's yodge, who can sing circles around most of us.

I feel somewhat lackluster next to such talent.
As I was telling narvi and Demosthenes, two of teuncs writers, my technical writing needs work, my fiction is still mediocre, my poetry is atrocious, and the only writing I do well is in the way of filk. Derivative filk and parody, at that.
Eh, perhaps my abilities are more in oratory. ;-)

The LJ ancestry meme that jereeza posted here:
Who made you get a LiveJournal? Post that person's LJ, and if this meme spreads, see, you'll eventually be able to click click click and see who your LJ grandfather, great grandmother, great great grandthing, etc, etc, is all the way back to the pioneer days.

As nearly as I can tell, my pedigree is:

banazir (27 Feb 2003) -> mirabehn (29 Jul 2002) -> yvesilena (28 Jul 2002) -> pussinboots (11 May 2001)

and my longest known pimpage chain to date:
yodge (04 Mar 2004) -> carida_46 (17 Dec 2003) -> banazir (27 Feb 2003) -> mirabehn (29 Jul 2002) -> yvesilena (28 Jul 2002) -> pussinboots (11 May 2001)

Edit, 22:30 CST Sat 13 Mar 2004: This has since been tied by the revelation that jereeza sired nobuddy69 and that hempknight sired myng_rabbyt.



Mar. 20th, 2004 09:43 am (UTC)
Re: Hmm...
Well, there's nothing there, so I won't bother hiding. I thoguht about making it into a 'blog of a comic book progress', as I have recently began my manga writer carreer, but it don't work.
Well, please don't give up so easily!
Look at jereeza's work-in-progress wibbling; good stuff.

Confuzzling as in all the settings and stuff are confuzzling, getting it to look like I would want to is a pain in the patootie, and I still can't really figure out what's it all supposed to be about.
If you feel like IM'ing me (hsuwh everywhere but ICQ, 28651394 there), I can walk you through things.
LJ, IMO, is about whatever you want to make it: as gondhir wrote, you can spend as much or as little time as you want on it. The only expectations are the ones you raise by adding friends and writing things to make them add you.

Annoying as in it seems like too a time-consuming job - all the community participation (whatever that is), reading comments and stuff.
Nah. I have 3x as many friends as I did 2.5 months ago. If I read comments at the same rate, even with high efficiency.

There's just too much going on around, and I barely have time even to read TEUNC lately. Maybe one day when I'm unemployed again and have too much free time on my hands I could look into it.
Totally understand, I do.
Busy as trask, am I.

I suppose I found LJ as entertaining as Bernard did with NationStates :)
Weeeell, as with NationStates and most online activities, you get out of LJ what you put into it.
Sometimes more, seldom less.
But chacun a son teunce.


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