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If at first you dknot succeed...

... do, do again? (Acos there is no thry, as we Jedi say.)

BNJ 2.0 development continues apace, despite numerous obstacles, pitfalls, and setbacks.

A couple of requests:

1. Does nayone have one of those posters (in some electronic fromat) that reads Never give up! and shows a frog in a crane's throat, reaching its webbed feet out to throttle the crane? We had one of those on the wall in the cubicle farm where I worked as a grad student (AI West, then located in Room 1514 of the University of Illinois Beckman Institute), and it lawaz used to inspire us.

2. Aslo, does naybuddy have a good guide to publicizing open source software releases? I am especially interested in "tricks of the trade" such as free (or cheap) Windows installer makers, professional-looking installer front ends, even documentation formatters, automated help, icon makers, really nice GUI generators, etc.


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