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Dark Tower

Does anyone remember the old board game Dark Tower?
chevronsha brought up this wonderful thing a few weeks ago, and it made me remember how I teunced through the ceiling to get it as a surprise present on my eighth birthday. You hardly ever saw a $40 gift make a kid that happy.

Edit, 11:00 CST Wed 17 Mar 2004: Thanks to hempknight for finding this!
You my deity!

Some quizzage...

From masteralida:
You probably enjoy reading and writing on lj, but
at least you expose yourself to REAL works of
fiction. Pick your nose up from behind the
books, occasionally, and take a look at the
real world.
Do you have a life outside of Live Journal?
brought to you by Quizilla

From quizilla... as you wish...
Ye be The Dread Pirate Roberts, better known to yer
friends as Westley (or the man in black).
Ye've spent the last few years working yer arse
off in order to obtain the greatest treasure of
all, yer lady love.
Which scurvy dog be ye?
brought to you by Quizilla

From another LJ:
You are Piglet
You are Piglet. You are a very small animal (if no
one notices it, you inform them of it). You
worry and feel helpless most of the time but
you are stronger than you think. You are a good
friendand will do anything to help others.


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