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TORn Scrapbook Captions with Demosthenes

One evening Demosthenes of TORn and teunc caught me, barahirion, and gondhir, as we was up in our early evening (well, around 01:00 CST, 23:00 PST).

[01:26] <Demosthenes> the behind the scenes pix
[01:27] <Demosthenes> some more behind the scenes picts

[01:27] banazir: - "it's only a flesh wound!!"
[01:28] <Demosthenes> izzat what you wanted?
[01:28] banazir: Yesh - couldja reply to my psot in TEUNC asking fro the linky?
[01:28] <Demosthenes> ah, shore!
[01:29] <Demosthenes> soprry, am slow this faternoon
[01:29] barahirion: faternoon?
[01:29] barahirion: faterMIDNUGGET!
[01:29] <Demosthenes> afternoon
[01:29] banazir: - in the 4th age, Aragorn tended to deemphasize the "my friends, you bow to no one" and preferred "all hail the King... or I could always use another army of the deead..."
[01:30] <Demosthenes> lol bana
[01:30] banazir: - maybe he's born with it; maybe it's Maybelline
[01:31] <Demosthenes> lmao
[01:31] <Demosthenes> "He'll stop boulders"
[01:32] banazir: - "forget the towers! forget the trolls! aim for the CAMERAMEN! kill the CAMERAMEN!!"
[01:32] barahirion: gnugget, lal.
[01:32] gondhir: Night!
[01:32] *** Barahirion has quit IRC (Quit: for explanation as to hasty departure, see journal)
[01:33] banazir: Gnught!
[01:33] <Demosthenes> wah
[01:33] <Demosthenes> okay, psot centted
[01:33] banazir: Ah, he's going to Urbana!
[01:34] gondhir: eeeeeViol...
[01:34] banazir: - "Dr. FedoraLV oversaw the Pelennor excavation, and was present througout the thrilling find of an intact bog-mumak"
[01:36] banazir:; - "Contrary to popular legend, Gollum did not adapt to the molten Mt. Doom environment, but was instead cloned from the rock with which Sam bloodied his brow"
[01:36] <Demosthenes> lolol
[01:37] banazir: - "Clap for Epstein all you want, Ian, but I'm still going to write this flame in AFT..."
[01:38] <Demosthenes> lolol
[01:39] banazir: - "Like Smeagol, PJ was once fair, before the Ring corrupted him"
[01:39] <Demosthenes> rofl
[01:40] banazir: - "You know no pain, you know no fear... um, we're a little short on man flesh today; would you settle for mumak tartare?"
[01:42] <Demosthenes> don't you think it's a little big for an hor dehouvre, PJ?
[01:42] banazir: - "WETA Studios: 122^H^H^H2 days of filming without an accident"
[01:42] *** Demosthenes is now known as dempsots
[01:43] <dempsots> loliol
[01:43] banazir: Hrm:
[01:43] banazir:
[01:43] banazir: Is it just me, or does the middle guy have a lille Son of Hama thing going?
[01:44] gondhir: Hama's son has a GRIL's name!
[01:44] banazir: Haleth, yes
[01:44] <dempsots> wah, slow response
[01:44] &banazir: Could be liek Pat
[01:44] <dempsots> wah!
[01:44] banazir: Hors d'oeuvre?
[01:44] * dempsots covers his eyes
[01:45] <dempsots> bano: yah
[01:45] <dempsots> all those arrows in the mumak
[01:45] banazir: Mumeck make the best horse d'eovre!

[01:45] Demosthenes: like toothpicks
[01:46] banazir: - sadly, Yoj was unable to warn the Gollum clone before the 13th Nazgul got to him
[01:46] Demosthenes: lol
[01:46] Demosthenes: izzat an Evangelion reference?
[01:47] banazir: Ni, jsut acos it's in Spore
[01:47] Demosthenes: oh, wlopkay
[01:47] gondhir Taht's knot a nazgul!
[01:47] gondhir It's SAURON!
[01:47] * Demosthenes must have Evangelion on the brian
[01:47] gondhir Sounds dangerous, Demo
[01:47] Demosthenes: poorbablz
[01:47] banazir: - the role of Banazir Galbasi was aptly played by Benazir Gelbasi in the Sporean production of "The Return of The King and I"
[01:48] Demosthenes: lol
[01:48] Demosthenes: still want to know which is deborah kerr
[01:48] banazir: - right hand side: this is your brain; left-hand guy: this is your brain on Ring; any questions?
[01:53] banazir: - aye still think Sporewen is Force-chokling Gollum
[01:53] gondhir HE HAS A ROPE AROUND HIS NECK!
[01:54] gondhir HE'S BEING THROTTLED BY *YEW*!
[01:55] banazir: Oh, hokaz.
[01:55] banazir: Why's he smiling?
[01:55] gondhir He's kinky lik taht
[01:55] banazir: lol
[01:55] banazir: Sporazir rilly IS the fat one
[01:56] *** Rizanab changes topic to 'The Dark Lord Sporeon'
[01:57] banazir: I lik Sporerond
[01:57] banazir: Sporegolas lacks a certain... je ne sais quoi
[01:58] gondhir: Night!
[01:58] banazir: Gnught!
[01:58] banazir: Gotta luv Sporedo's 'fro
[01:59] *** Gondhir has quit IRC (Quit: Client exiting)
[01:59] Demosthenes: nighto gondo
[01:59] Demosthenes: traslk
[01:59] Demosthenes: lol @ force throttle
[02:03] banazir: :-D
[02:04] banazir: He's too happy in that pic
[02:04] banazir: "It BRUNS uss! It FREEEZES! Whee!"
[02:04] Demosthenes: lol
[02:04] Demosthenes: "string me up form the ceilnig aswell?"
[02:04] banazir: S&M Gollum, knot fro the meek
[02:05] banazir: That one's prolly BDSM Gollum, as it happens
[02:13] Demosthenes: nabbo, where's this?
[02:14] Demosthenes: oputside minas morgul?
[02:18] banazir: Sec
[02:18] banazir: I think so - by day
[02:18] Demosthenes: nodnod
[02:20] Demosthenes: fanks
[02:31] banazir: NP
[02:48] Demosthenes: if you're interested bana (but probably nnought you haven't sween afore)
[02:49] * Rizanab clicts
[02:50] banazir: - "this is wot aye hafta wear fro bolting at the Paths of the Deead"
[02:50] Demosthenes: lolol
[02:51] banazir: - Banazir is struck down by the curse of Epstein, for NO MAN COMETH TO MIDDLE-EARTH SAVE THROUGH THE BOOKS!
[02:52] Demosthenes: lol
[02:53] Demosthenes: it is easier for the winged ships of the Teleri to pass through the Argonath ...
[02:53] Demosthenes: or something
[02:53] Demosthenes: swan ships
[02:53] banazir: - "No, no, I want to hear that one about the green dragon and a mug of beer"
[02:53] banazir: (Indead)
[02:54] Demosthenes: lolol
[02:55] Demosthenes: if yew refresh, hoccasionally anudder one will apear
[02:55] banazir: - the river Isen, it turns out, had very soft water, excellent for laundering clothes to bright whiteness after the battle of Helm's Deep
[02:55] Demosthenes: refresh the group, that is
[02:55] Demosthenes: lmao
[02:55] Demosthenes: i like thyat won
[02:56] Demosthenes: very clebber
[02:56] banazir: - "Your hands are cold... the life of the Eldar (whom everyone knows are hotties) is leaving you!"
[02:56] Demosthenes: lol
[02:57] Demosthenes: noominor catuallz ran baths off elses
[02:58] banazir: ("I mean, soon you'll be opening for the likes of AEROSMITH...")
[02:58] banazir: Eldathermal energy
[02:58] Demosthenes: elvish baths
[02:58] Demosthenes: put them underneath cauldron of water to hat them up
[02:58] banazir: - gauze and the "waif" look are in for 2004, say fashion gurus
[02:59] Demosthenes: "Aldarion sez it's not hot enuf!" "Shovel in some miore elf!"
[02:59] Demosthenes: lol
[02:59] Demosthenes: elijah moss
[02:59] Demosthenes: his boobies about as big as hers two
[03:00] banazir: lol
[03:01] banazir: - John Noble discovers, as Homer Simpson did, that INflammable means VERY flammable ("this glop is just that styling gel, right?" - Noble's last words)
[03:01] Demosthenes: lollo
[03:02] banazir: Hey, at least they gont it in one take
[03:02] Demosthenes: i do wish they'd not had him jump off the bow of minas tirith
[03:02] banazir: lol @ bow
[03:02] Demosthenes: only bint that made me uncomfroatable abount denethor
[03:02] banazir: "I'm KING OF THE WORLD!!"
[03:03] banazir: That explains it
[03:04] banazir: - "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" was narrowly beaten out (wlokay, thoroughly beaten) as Gollum's theme song
[03:04] Demosthenes: lol
[03:05] banazir: - citing a need to balance airport security needs against a limited budget, Wellington airport called once again WETA Workshop to provide some deterrence in the way of unemployed Nazgul
[03:06] Demosthenes: rofl
[03:07] banazir: - actually an advert for rabbit meat
[03:08] Demosthenes: lmao
[03:09] Demosthenes: wazziz>?
[03:09] banazir: - because SARUMAN brand detergent can keep you safe and clean; makes whites whiter AND many colors brighter; SARUMAN - because anything else... is the way of PAIN
[03:09] Demosthenes: miranda at dunharrow?
[03:09] banazir: Just afore Aragorn's departure
[03:09] banazir: Afore her protestation of lurve
[03:09] Demosthenes: ah, wlokay
[03:10] Demosthenes: argorn, ewe stewpithead!
[03:10] banazir: lol
[03:10] Demosthenes: around the world, millions of fanbois cry out in pain
[03:10] banazir: His loss
[03:10] Demosthenes: no nekkideowyn scene
[03:10] Demosthenes: seen
[03:10] Demosthenes: alas, tis unseen
[03:10] banazir: There was a rumor, but I didn't believe it
[03:10] Demosthenes: liek the power of the elvses
[03:11] banazir: - ARAGORN brand safe and clean detergent; for you are dangerous too, in your own fashion (ironically, he looks neither safe NOR clean)
[03:12] Demosthenes: lolol
[03:12] Demosthenes: the saruman won was better
[03:13] banazir: - "Aragorn after washing with Safe and Clean soap... for the soap of a King is the soap of a SAFE AND CLEAN man"
[03:14] banazir: - "She's going to sing again! (shortly before the 4th age assassination attempt on Eomer)"
[03:15] Demosthenes: shouldn't that be "run away!"?
[03:16] banazir: lol, and here I thought the Rohirrim wuvved Eowyn's singing
[03:17] banazir: - "Tall kings in tall ships / Three times three / What brought they from the foundered land / Over the flowing sea? / 7-UP and Diet Dew / and some dumb tree"
[03:18] Demosthenes: ;p;
[03:18] Demosthenes: lol, actually
[03:24] banazir: - during the assaults on Lorien, Galadriel hit the miruvor AND the limpe especially hard
[03:24] banazir: - gaahhhh, no words
[03:25] Demosthenes: lol @ gal pic
[03:25] Demosthenes: i really like that one - CB = beautiful
[03:25] Demosthenes: eowyn droooool
[03:26] banazir: Indead.
[03:27] banazir: - NZ, HOME OF M-e, father of Frodo Baggins
[03:27] Demosthenes: ride for gondor?
[03:27] banazir: Outside encampment
[03:27] banazir: Just afore "6000 spears"
[03:27] Demosthenes: nodnod
[03:27] banazir: "Less than half of what I'd hoped"
[03:27] Demosthenes: that NZ map was a big scoop. was how we found out there would be dunharrow for sure
[03:28] banazir: - "badger badger"
[03:28] Demosthenes: "el-rond el-riond" ??
[03:29] banazir: - (suppressed memark aboat sexual healing)
[03:29] banazir: - PJ attempts to call his lightsabre, with little success
[03:30] Demosthenes: lmao
[03:30] Demosthenes: very goond
[03:30] banazir: Where IS that Eowyn pic?
[03:31] Demosthenes: which won?
[03:31] banazir: 6701
[03:31] Demosthenes: oh
[03:31] Demosthenes: hmmm
[03:31] Demosthenes: well
[03:32] Demosthenes: the posts are rohirrim design
[03:32] banazir: - Theoden demonstrates the dullness of his sword by not so much as notching his men's spears
[03:32] Demosthenes: but midunno
[03:32] Demosthenes: i guess it must be edoras
[03:32] banazir: Meduseld, then
[03:32] banazir: Acos even Eowyn at her most desperate prolly wouldn't PAX HER BED fro Gondor
[03:32] Demosthenes: lolol
[03:35] Demosthenes: ewe can see the bedpost also has a horse or ram head design on it too
[03:35] banazir: "Um, Merry, I'd love to take you, but as you can see there isn't much room acos I hafta carry the... um, mushrooms, yeah, that's it"
[03:35] Demosthenes: heh
[03:35] banazir: Yes, horse
[03:36] banazir: - Loremaster General's warning: pipeweed can be dangerous to your mind
[03:37] Demosthenes: rofl
[03:38] Demosthenes: health?
[03:38] banazir: "Your love of the halflings' leaf has addled your mind"
[03:39] Demosthenes: always thought it was "lief"
[03:39] Demosthenes: for some reason
[03:39] banazir: lol
[03:40] banazir: - "OK, so you can't remember the Shire... can you remember how your normal ears used to look?"
[03:40] banazir: - corn, oats, rice, wheat, gold *crunch* ow
[03:40] Demosthenes: pieta!
[03:41] Demosthenes: lol


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