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Freedom, or Not

Every man has enough power left to carry out that of which he is convinced.
- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I'm convinced, is wot!
(W00t, I finally get to use the "exanimate" mood...)
Here are the hours that I have slept this week:

Thu 11 Mar 2004: 7.5
Fri 12 Mar 2004: 6
Sat 13 Mar 2004: 4.5
Sun 14 Mar 2004: 4.5
Mon 15 Mar 2004: 3
Tue 16 Mar 2004: 2 (05:30 - 07:30)

Extrapolating... next is 1, then 0.5, then 0, then 0, then 0, then 24, then 24, then 24...
(For behold, the wages of procrastination is deeath.)

Edit, 13:30 CST Thu 18 Mar 2004: I'm all caught up! 1 much-needed hour (17:45 - 18:55) on the afternoon of the 17th, plus 3-4 hours that night and the next, did the trick. I'm all nice and alert again. On to the next crisis! Excelsior!

banazir: I can't believe how awake I am after a third hour of sleep; I'm even starting to doubt this 90 minute thing.
deire: Can I just smack you now?
-Tue 16 Mar 2004

yodge: One daz, i think someone should sedate yew.
banazir: They can try...
yodge: right, yew will fight them orf with yer jedi powers. and yer hobbit metabolism will destroy eet nazwaz... [ed. - just so long as we are clear]
-Thu 18 Mar 2004


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